Welcome to Episode 153 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week we discuss the importance of the stories we tell ourselves.  Our BELIEFS.

Bringing more awareness into this area will pay huge dividends for you and your child.  And few organizations are equipped to help parents like you do this important work.

One of the most impactful organizations on our journey was the Option Institute International Learning and Training Center.

Our guest this week is Suzanne Pruss.  She is a Senior Mentor & Trainer at the Option Institute and we focus on this perhaps the biggest secret we learned along our journey.  The insight that most influenced how we felt navigating our journey with our kids.

The secret this week is …


You’ll Discover:

  • The Big Weight That Fuels Unhappiness (6:19)
  • What Happens Immediately When You Change a Belief (16:39)
  • What is Happiness IQ? (18:12)
  • What To Do If You Feel Like Your Family Has Abandoned You (24:15)
  • The Option Institute And The Origins Of The Son-Rise Program (34:36)
  • Why You Are The Creator Of Your Experience (41:22)
  • A Simple Tool To Unearth A Belief (44:27)

About Our Guest:

Suzanne Pruss is a Senior Mentor & Trainer at the Option Institute® International Learning & Training Center.  She has been practicing the Option Process since 1995.

She first arrived at The Autism Treatment Center of America in 1992 and fell in love with the teachings and techniques of the Son-Rise Program: a home-based program for parents with children on the autism spectrum.

She was enamored with how respectful, loving, fun, and creative she could be connecting with a person on the spectrum of any age. She had intended to stay and volunteer for two months but, instead, found her calling and has been affiliated with the Option Institute ever since.

Her biggest joy is having worked one-on-one with over 1,200 children on the autistic spectrum and their families world-wide.

She feels blessed to be able to assist parents and their team members to learn this beautiful way to connect, inspire and support children on the spectrum to grow to their fullest potential.

She most especially loves teaching parents how to be comfortable, have fun, and be awesomely capable as they support their child’s growth.

Suzanne grew up in Australia and attended a one-room primary school, ‘Little House on the Prairie’-style. She loves nature, animals, painting, anyone with autism, and comedy. She has traveled the world extensively, was born in Vietnam, and has ‘family’ world-wide.

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