Thrive = Rate of Repair > Rate of Injury


Welcome to Episode 112 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.

Having a great strategy can make all the difference in supporting your child.  It’s easy to get lost in the endless ways you can help your child.

Everyone has an opinion, and no one agrees on anything.

Before diving in, it’s useful to have a strategy that feels right and one that’s simple and easy to grasp.

The secret this week is…

Thrive = Rate of Repair > Rate of Injury


You’ll Discover:

  • A Game-Changing (And Simple) Perspective Shift (4:29)
  • Why It’s Worth It To Rise Above The Symptoms (7:13)
  • What DOESN’T Cause Your Child’s Behaviors (9:04)
  • Top Ways To Help The Body Repair and Reduce Injury (14:14)
  • More Sources of Friction/Stress To Address (19:49)
  • More Ways To Promote Repair (21:44)

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