Dr. Martha Herbert

Autism is NOT Hardwired



This week, we had a conversation with Dr. Martha Herbert, a pediatric neurologist, on the power of synergy. She explains how the exponential impact of doing a few key interventions at the same time can lead to significant improvements in children with Autism.

Dr. Herbert introduces an informative perspective on the nature of Autism as a whole. She proposes that it isn’t a predisposed and fixed impairment as we typically describe it to be. Instead, Autism is the result of a combination of events, and once those incidents are isolated, parents are better able to treat the individual symptoms. This leads to healthier, happier, and more connected children. 

Throughout our discussion, we touch on the importance of working on one thing at a time and understanding that Autism isn’t just situated in the brain but, in actuality, the entire body. 

We believe this episode will help guide you to the next steps in caring for your child and enlighten you about an Autism diagnosis’s true identity. 

Dr. Herbert is a treasure-trove of wisdom, and we’re so excited to share her insights with you all!


 Key Takeaways


  • Introduction to today’s guest (01:55)
  • An interdisciplinary method for practitioners to communicate (7:50)
  • Why you should start one thing at a time (11:05)
  • What it means to help the brain work better (18:05)
  • There is no time limit to healing your child (25:20)
  • One of the reasons our children are sick (31:20)
  • Autism just isn’t just in the brain (39:15)
  • What people need to understand about Autism (42:40)
  • The visual connector parents should make sure they have (50:00)


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