This week, we interview Dr. Dan Peters, who conveys how a parent’s degree of awareness impacts so many aspects of parenting. And with greater awareness, so much more is possible – a stronger and happier relationship with your child.

Dr. Dan walks us through how to find the courage to ask the important questions to help us show up better for our children. He explains what a child needs most from their parent and how it encapsulates what the Parent Footprint is all about. 

To ensure that we’re giving the right kind of attention to our children, we have to get very clear on what we want for them and ourselves. That awareness guides our steps and promotes intentional action and interaction with a child on the spectrum. 

And finally, a point that we always stress and Dr. Dan emphasizes is to remind parents to check in on their own wellbeing. We have to take care of ourselves before we can care for others. And at the end of the day, the most lasting impressions we make on our children is illustrated through the lens of how we treat ourselves. 

Key Takeaways

  • What the Parent Footprint is all about (02:05)
  • Finding the courage to ask how we can better show up for our children (09:10)
  • What your child needs from you most (15:50)
  • Why you have to get clear on what you want for your child (24:05)
  • Behaviors that promote better parent awareness (30:33)
  • A reminder that we as parents need to check in on ourselves too (36:00)
  • Start and end your day with intention (39:05)


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