GENETICS Loads The Gun, ENVIRONMENT Pulls the Trigger


Welcome to Episode 118 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

The topic this week is on genes and how better understanding your genetic makeup can lead to better focus and decision making.

Bob Miller is our guest and he’s back with some exciting new insights.  This discussion will build on our first discussion – see Episode 109.

So please watch that episode first in order to get the most out of this one.

Bob Miller is a Traditional Naturopath specializing in the field of genetic-specific nutrition. In 1993, he opened the Tree of Life practice and he has served as a traditional naturopath for 27 years. He created an online certification course on genetic nutrition that has empowered over 900 health professionals and he founded Functional Genomic Analysis, an online software program that organizes and analyzes genetic SNPS for functional health professionals across the world.

This is going to be more of a presentation than a discussion because of the nature of the material.

While genes are important, there’s something even more impactful.


The secret this week is…

GENETICS Loads The Gun, ENVIRONMENT Pulls the Trigger


You’ll Discover:

  • A Potential Root Cause You Can’t Overlook (3:28)
  • The Combination of Factors That Makes People Very Sick (7:31)
  • Why Some People Have Symptoms From Toxic Exposure And Others Don’t (10:45)
  • What is the NADPH Steal (13:33)
  • Why Heme Oxygenase and Bilirubin Are Worth Looking At (18:34)
  • What Might Be Behind “Hangry” (24:02)
  • How Software Makes Connections We Couldn’t Make Before (38:01)
  • When Ice Cream Helps (44:12)
  • A Misconception That Is Absolutely False (49:25)


About Our Guest:

For the past several years, Bob Miller has been engaged exclusively with functional nutritional genetic variants and related research, specializing in nutritional support for those with chronic Lyme disease.

Bob lectures nationally and internationally at seminars to educate health care practitioners about genetic variants and nutritional supplementation for achieving optimal health, and holds live webinars every other Thursday evening for health professionals. In 2016, he created an online certification course on genetic nutrition for health professionals now training over 900 health professionals in the program.

Bob is a frequent guest on many podcasts such as Dr. Jill Carnahan, Better Health Guy, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and many others.

To support his growing genetic research efforts, in 2015, Bob founded and personally funds, the NutriGenetic Research Institute to research the relationship between genetic variants and presenting symptoms.

His first research project on genetic variants in those with chronic Lyme disease, was one of two winners for research by the ILADS international meeting held in Helsinki, Finland. His Phase II study of Lyme disease was presented at the American ILADS conference in November 2016, Phase III was presented at the International ILADS conference in Paris, France in May 2017 and his Phase IV study on mTOR and Autophagy in Lyme disease was presented in Boston, November 2017. Phase V was presented in Warsaw, Poland in June 2018 and his Phase VI was another winner presented in Chicago, Illinois in November of 2018 which showed increased variants in the Heme pathway and Mast Cell genes. Phase VII presented in Madrid, Spain in June of 2019 research showed how genetic variants in genes related to the production of and utilization of NAD+ and NADPH are creating what is now referred to as the ‘NADPH Steal’. In 2020, he presented his research at the online ILADS conference on genetic mutations in the synthesis and utilization of bile.

Bob has created 72 nutritional supplement products exclusively for health professionals for Professional Health Products and Functional Genomic Nutrition through Compounded Nutrients.  The products he formulated are based upon his genetic research and are designed to support function that may be impaired by genetic weakness.

Bob is the founder and president of Functional Genomic Analysis, an online software program that organizes and analyzes genetic SNPS for functional health professionals across the world.


  • National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
  • American Association of Nutritional Consultants
  • Board Certified Naturopath – American Naturopathic Certification & Accreditation Board

Bob Miller

Tree of Life


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