Make Investments, Not Sacrifices.



Welcome to Episode 48 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 

This week, Len talks about the trap of feeling like you’re sacrificing for your child.

It was a trap he fell into and now he shares why it doesn’t help and how parents can avoid it.

It’s common and understandable.  

So many things that parents value disappear soon after their child’s diagnosis.  Leisure time, socializing with friends, hobbies, favorite foods, etc.

But while it may feel like loss, the reality is that the word sacrifice may not be the right term.

Just about everything parents do to support their child is done with the hope that it will improve their life or their child’s life.

And since there is some expectation of a future return – it’s really more of an investment.

And just replacing the word sacrifice with investment feels very different in the body. 

It feels better.

Tune in now to learn more!


The secret this week is Make Investments, Not Sacrifices.


You’ll Discover:

* It’s Not About Martyrdom (2:00)

* Why Andy Frisella is Right (3:22)

* There’s Always Something In It For You  (5:05)

* Why Sacrifices Are Rare (6:40)

* The Heaviness Can Lift (9:05)

* Your Thoughts and Language Matter (12:00)

* The Future You Want Requires Investment (14:20)


References in This Episode

* Andy Frisella Real AF Podcast and 75 Hard


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