Welcome to Episode 149 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This episode focuses on the potential dangers of Polyethene Glycol (PEG).

It’s everywhere and it’s the main ingredient in the most widespread over-the-counter treatment for constipation.

Off-label use of this drug is rampant and parents need to better understand their options for helping their child.

The secret this week is …


You’ll Discover:

  • What is PEG (1:48)
  • What The Miralax Label Says And How It Works (5:45)
  • How PEG Impacts The Microbiome (10:18)
  • The Link Between Butyrate, Dysbiosis & Seizures (12:47)
  • Concerns Raised By The FDA & New York Times (18:53)
  • An Effective Simple Protocol For One Family (22:40)
  • Effective, Natural Options For Constipation (33:51)
  • What To Watch Out For In Laundry Detergent (36:33)
  • Another Chemical To Watch Out (40:33)
  • How Needed Studies Are Bypassed or Stalled (44:46)

About Our Guest:

Mike Koehler is a leader and active member of Parents Against Miralax. In 2010, his then 4-year-old son was treated for constipation and placed on the over-the-counter laxative, Miralax. Over the five years that followed, his doctors would recommend that he remain on Miralax to treat his constipation. In 2014 his son was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and started exhibiting PANDAS-like symptoms. His behavior was out of control, and their family was in a dark place, desperate for help. In February 2015, he joined the Facebook group Parents Against Miralax. It was there that he learned about naturopathic medicine. Mike and his wife found a naturopath in April 2015, and by May 2015, his son was on the path to better health and healing. Thankfully today, Mike’s son is doing really well. Mike has now made it his mission to warn other parents of the very real dangers of Polyethene Glycol.

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