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In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Lawrence Rosen, our integrative pediatrician, from early in our journey. We discuss why the best outcomes come from a true partnership with your doctor. 

It’s so important that your doctor take the time to really understand your child and for them to have the curiosity to uncover what could be most helpful in their wellness journey. With that said, he believes that the most vital thing a parent can do is trust their own intuition when it comes to the health of their child. 

 That self-trust will guide you in picking the best practitioners for your child and facilitate a collaborative relationship with every healthcare professional you encounter. 

We also cover Dr. Rosen’s child-centered approach to health and healing. Through his Whole Health 4 You initiative, he aims to empower children to control their own health and build the foundational principles that encourage a life focused on nutrition, mindfulness, rest, and healthy activity. 

Lastly, Dr. Rosen shares that the most important thing we can do for ourselves as parents is the practice of living presently. Whether it’s through a yoga practice or daily gratitude list, that awareness will pay us back in dividends! 

 Key Takeaways


  • The first few important steps to take (03:15)
  • The first thing Dr. Rosen tells new parents (04:45)
  • It’s critical that parents connect with health care providers with a collaborative focus (12:45)
  • Dr. Rosen’s hybrid care model (16:10)
  • How he empowers children to take control of their health (21:20)
  • Children look to parents as the model for the behaviors they’ll adopt (27:02)
  • His two tips for parents (28:50)
  • The single most important gift we can give ourselves (31:45)


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