YOU Must Transform First!


Welcome back to another episode of Autism Parenting Secrets. Today’s episode is about one simple truth. The greatest gift you can give your child is stronger, more capable, and more resilient you. The secret is that you must transform first.

We didn’t know this secret early on in our own journey. After our son’s diagnosis, we were immediately fixated on how we were going to “fix” him. At the time, we were not looking internally at all. Our life was a flurry of doctor’s visits and meetings with specialists. We assumed that our proactiveness would jumpstart us on a path to healing but the truth was…it didn’t.


Instead, we realized that we were really just limiting his opportunity to be a happy, healthy, and connected child. We were operating with blind spots and unrealistic expectations that were hurting our child more than helping him.


Our goal in this episode is to shed light on some preconceived notions you might be holding onto. Perhaps, there are some ideas you’re carrying around that aren’t serving your family. 


 Because the sooner you focus on your own transformation the better. You give yourself the gift of a stronger and more capable version of yourself. In turn, your child wins big, because they’ll have a more confident, relaxed, connected, and more present parent navigating this journey alongside them! Is it time for you to transform?


Key Takeaways


  • You are the greatest gift you can give your child (1:03)
  • Our reality was limiting his ability (3:50)
  • When the real progress actually started (6:16)
  • Commit to this (9:50)
  • This is about you and your transformation (12:12)
  • It’s all about choosing one thing today (16:11)





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