Your Child’s NOT Broken



The secret is your child not broken. Today’s episode of Autism Parenting Secrets is about revealing that even if your child has a diagnosis that doesn’t define them, judging them just doesn’t help. 


We go deep on the concept that judging your child as ‘broken’ doesn’t help you support them. Parents can accept their children as they are and move with determination to support them as best they can.


So we’ve broken down the path of helping your child into five actionable steps. They are comprised of beliefs and messaging that you must adopt if you are committed to becoming a Warrior Parent. The truth is you cannot help someone until you accept them as they are. 


Firstly, understand that judging your child is broken weakens your ability to help.  As a result, step number two is to know that your child can sense your level of acceptance. And we’re very fortunate that our son remembers everything, even from the time that he had no words. You absolutely have to be playing on the same team as your child. 


Thirdly, other people’s judgment of your child doesn’t define your child. Everyone has an opinion. That does not mean you should listen to them all. Don’t allow outside influences to overstep their boundaries. You know them best.


And number four, trust that every child does have opportunities to grow. Growth might not look the way you imagined, and that’s okay! Embrace the steps forward your child is making. All progress is good progress.


And most importantly, the last step is really, and truly know your child needs support that’s right for them. There is no one size fits all. Once you realize that, you’ll increase your connection by dropping that judgment. Please tune in to this week’s episode as we dive into these important and necessary steps.


You got this!


Key Takeaways


  • A diagnosis is just one piece of data (2:49)
  • Broken is a judgment (5:00)
  • Autism is a part of your child (6:30)
  • The shift from fixing to supporting and loving (10:00)
  • Your child needs support(14:05)
  • How to connect with your child (17:09)
  • Find the moments of positivity (20:37)
  • The power of YET (23:30)
  • Only compare your child to themselves (26:03)



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