You’re Unstoppable, You Just Don’t Realize It YET


In this episode, we’re talking about the external objections to being a Warrior Parent. When we make missteps on the path to becoming a warrior parent, it’s often because we’ve allowed someone to derail us.

Today, we’re giving you the actions to take to avoid that!


Did you know that you are completely unstoppable? It’s true!

The reality is, no one can get in your way unless you allow them to. We often get caught up in the “shoulds” of life. When you have a child with Autism, you quickly learn that there is no such thing as “shoulds”. This is especially so if you are looking for the unique growth available to your child.


So what do you do instead?


It would help if you reframed the narrative. Change the story you are telling yourself.


This is true for every area of life. When it comes to your friends, family, and support system, you have to erase any beliefs you have about what other people should be doing. Release those expectations.


Becoming unstoppable starts and ends with you. Dropping the expectations and judgments you’ve been carrying around is a process. It may take tearing down the expectations you’ve been holding on to since you were young or completely relearning the things you thought you knew.


Please be patient. This isn’t work that can be completed overnight, but remember that you are more than capable of taking back your power.


We hope that this episode acts as a motivator and guideline for your success. We are all about creating a healing bubble for your family, and today we’re telling you how to do just that!

Key Takeaways


  • Our big secret today (1:30)
  • You have the power to be unstoppable (5:00)
  • Why you should drop expectations (8:00)
  • What judgments do to a situation (10:40)
  • Taking back power and questioning authority (9:16)
  • Imperfection is a superpower (12:30)
  • Why you need to be all in (20:37)
  • Takeaways for this episode (21:38)


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