Breathwork OBLITERATES Stress


Welcome to Episode 198 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week on Autism Parenting Secrets, we dive into something truly life-changing – the power of breathwork.

We’re joined by Niraj Naik, the founder of SomaBreath, a global breathwork movement.

We discuss the importance of breathwork in managing stress and improving overall health.

Naik explains how breath control techniques can help parents deal with the stress of raising a child with autism and improve their relationships.

He also introduces the concept of neurosomatic programming and the role of breath work in rewiring the unconscious mind.

The episode concludes with a guided breathwork session and a discussion on the benefits of incorporating breathwork into daily life.

The secret this week is…

Breathwork OBLITERATES Stress

You’ll Discover:

  • How Breathwork Is Like A Pharmacy (9:24)
  • Why You Want To Breathe Less, Not More (13:56)
  • How Neurosomatic Programming Can Work For You (19:34)
  • A Powerful Technique You Can Do Everyday (24:53)
  • Slow Breathing Techniques For Your Child (39:36)

About Our Guest:

Niraj Naik is the founder of SOMA Breath, a global wellness and breathwork movement.

Niraj began his journey as a community pharmacist, but a personal health battle with an autoimmune disease led him to dive into holistic health and breathwork, ultimately healing himself.

This sparked his mission to help solve major world issues, from depression to chronic diseases, by addressing the cause and showing you how to be naturally high, happy, and healthy in the most enjoyable way!

He established SOMA Breath, a pioneering global breathwork movement. With over 2000 certified instructors, SOMA Breath is changing lives around the globe, gaining a reputation as one of the most powerful transformational experiences.

Big names in wellness, like Ben Greenfield, Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakhiani, and Dave Asprey, love and endorse Niraj’s breathwork techniques.

His breakthrough methods are so unique that neurologists at Cambridge University are studying them

Not just stopping at breathwork, Niraj produced the music and audio tracks for the Wim Hof Method courses and app, loved by millions worldwide.

In collaboration with Rituals, a top cosmetics brand, Niraj co-created an immersive meditation technology, a world-first Mind Spa that’s changing the way we relax.

Apart from SOMA Breath, Niraj, known as “The Renegade Pharmacist”, is regularly featured in global media and on hundreds of podcasts.

He’s on a mission to turn personal adversity into a global wellness revolution, one breath at a time.

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