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Dr. Zach Bush

We NEED Autism


This week’s episode will change the way you look at autism. Dr. Zach Bush is our guest and he explains why we NEED Autism to experience our humanity fully and how parents can reframe their mindsets to best support their child with autism.   The information Dr. Bush shares will empower you to look at…(Read More)

Autism Parenting Secrets

Today, we’re exploring the concept that was true for us.  When parents judge what their child is doing as wrong they become the problem.  For only seeing the problems, you miss the solutions.   When a parent can shift their perspective, and realize they are part of the problem, they can see clearer solutions for…(Read More)

Chiropractic & Craniosacral Therapy Unleash Your Child's Potential Episode Summary

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Karen Erickson, who specializes in chiropractic care and craniosacral therapy. She shares how these modalities can truly help children with a developmental delay like Autism. We’ve seen chiropractic care provide miraculous value in our healing journey with our son and brought on Dr. Erickson to explain how…(Read More)

Nourished Blessings

I am so excited to welcome Andi Stowe onto the podcast. Our journeys parallel in so many ways, and I’m excited to share her story of faith, hope, and healing. Today, we’re discussing how reducing excess Glutamate in a child’s diet with Autism can help reduce symptoms, behaviours and restore balance.   Glutamate…(Read More)

Get Started with Cass & Len

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You absolutely CAN operate with greater ease and hope with the right support. From parents who have lived this path. Coaching support gives you the space to see things more clearly and perhaps differently.

With support you can quickly learn “how” to operate better to attain your goals for your child faster. Why wait?