Posts From the monthly archives: "November 2020"
Dr. Martha Herbert

Autism is NOT Hardwired


  This week, we had a conversation with Dr. Martha Herbert, a pediatric neurologist, on the power of synergy. She explains how the exponential impact of doing a few key interventions at the same time can lead to significant improvements in children with Autism. Dr. Herbert introduces an informative perspective on the nature of Autism…(Read More)

Peter Sullivan

This week, we spoke with Peter Sullivan about EMFs and how this toxin can have detrimental effects on our health and, more specifically, our highly sensitive children.  Peter derives his expertise from his own experiences as a parent and his career in the tech industry. He is the founder of Clear Light Ventures, whose mission…(Read More)

Larry Rosen

In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Lawrence Rosen, our integrative pediatrician, from early in our journey. We discuss why the best outcomes come from a true partnership with your doctor.  It’s so important that your doctor take the time to really understand your child and for them to have the curiosity to uncover what…(Read More)

Patty Lemer

The Sequence Truly Matters


We interviewed Patty Lemer about her step-by-step plan for parents to help their child – the key point is that the order you do things really matters. It’s important to lay a strong foundation so therapies that address speech and language will be most beneficial.  Patty believes that the first step parents should…(Read More)

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