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Amy Lansky

Homeopathy CAN Work Miracles


 This episode we connected with Amy Lansky.  Amy Lansky is an author and her first book is “Impossible Cure”.  This book changed our life and was truly an important piece of our autism puzzle.  We discuss an overview of homeopathy and how it can help a child with Autism (and truly anyone). Amy shares…(Read More)

The Dirt Cure

It’s All About the TERRAIN


This episode we have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Maya Shetreat.  Dr. Maya is a neurologist and the author of the book The Dirt Cure. We discuss how focusing on the terrain within the body and exposing the body to the terrain of the earth (especially the soil) is incredibly important for healing and…(Read More)

The Universe Has Your Back


  Many parents of a child with Autism can feel hopeless. They feel that the deck is stacked against them. This episode we shed light on the fact that the universe IS actually supporting them – they just can’t see it yet. We know how hard it can be when your child is diagnosed with…(Read More)

We're All In

Warriors Are ALL-IN


Why Warrior? In this episode, we go deep on the term “Warrior” and how it has nothing to do with War.  A Warrior is all about a parent’s love for their child and their willingness to go ALL-IN. You’ve heard us say it repeatedly, so we thought it was time to take…(Read More)

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