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Welcome to Episode 188 of Autism Parenting Secrets. We’re talking about stem cells this week. It’s an intervention you’ve likely heard about, but it’s one that isn’t widely understood. Our guest this week is Dr. Eric Weiss, and he sheds light on this topic. Dr. Weiss is a regional leader…(Read More)

These Factors Fuel FLARES


Welcome to Episode 187 of Autism Parenting Secrets. Today we are focusing on what a parent like you can do about FLARES. These are sudden onsets of symptoms with your child. Our guest is Dr. Lindsey Wells.  She is a naturopathic physician located in Wilton, Connecticut. She focuses her practice on pediatric integrative care for…(Read More)

Welcome to Episode 186 of Autism Parenting Secrets. Dr. Tony Ebel is our guest this week, and we focus on why chiropractic care can be so impactful for kids on the spectrum. He is a Certified Pediatric + Wellness Chiropractor with 15 years of clinical experience. Dr. Tony has been teaching and training other Pediatric +…(Read More)

Welcome to Episode 185 of Autism Parenting Secrets. Today, we are returning to the topic of functional genomics.  How better understanding your genes can inform lifestyle changes that can make a huge positive impact for you, your child, and your entire family. My guest is Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company, where personalized medicine…(Read More)

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