Welcome to Episode 188 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

We’re talking about stem cells this week.

It’s an intervention you’ve likely heard about, but it’s one that isn’t widely understood.

Our guest this week is Dr. Eric Weiss, and he sheds light on this topic.

Dr. Weiss is a regional leader in advanced regenerative medicine, and he’s one of the only physicians in the country utilizing umbilical cord stem cells to provide relief for adults and kids alike.

Umbilical cord blood contains powerful cells with chemical signals that optimize the healing capacity of the human body.

They seek out inflamed cells that are old, damaged, or injured and use this therapy to restore them.

Dr. Weiss uses regenerative therapy to treat autism, and his son, Marston, has seen tremendous healing of his condition.

His latest book, Educating Marston, details his and his wife Christine’s journey in using stem cell therapy with their son.

The secret this week is…


You’ll Discover:

  • The Backstory of Umbilical Cord Blood & Stem Cells (3:19)
  • How Umbilical Cord Is New For Autism (10:54)
  • Key Ways To Reduce Brain Inflammation (15:24)
  • How To Turn On NEURORESTORATION (19:40)
  • Key Things To Consider (22:43)
  • The Global Regulatory Landscape (28:09)
  • Risks, Benefits And Insurance Coverage Considerations (31:21)

About Our Guest

Dr. Eric Weiss is the Co-Author of Educating Marston. Dr Weiss practices all aspects of plastic surgery including: breast reconstruction. He has recently incorporated Umbilical Cord Blood/Stem Cells into his practice after seeing the incredible healing properties in his son Marston. Born in Brunswick, Maine, he spent his early childhood in Florida. His father was a physician, and mother was a psychologist, both with busy practices. Dr. Weiss graduated Magna Cum Laude from Davidson College with special attainments in chemistry and attended Duke University Medical School.

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