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Without Goals There’s CHAOS


  This week, we’re taking a deep dive on using SMART Goals to help a child with Autism. Many of us use the new year as an opportunity to set new goals. And while our intentions are pure, it can be easy to let those new habits and targets fall to the wayside.  This…(Read More)

As we round out the year, we wanted to take a moment and offer some words of encouragement and acknowledgment for all you wonderful parents out there.  During this holiday time, we want you to fully appreciate that you are a gift for your child! We know how hard you work for your family and…(Read More)

This week, Len had a phone conversation with Dr. Samuel Milham, an 88-year-old epidemiologist, and an expert on the dangers of ‘dirty electricity’.  Dirty electricity is an invisible toxin that impacts everyone, but kids on the spectrum are especially susceptible to harm. Dr. Milham shares his findings on its impact on children with…(Read More)

Helen Shanley

SUPPORT Is The Missing Link


  This week’s episode is part 2 of our discussion with our client, Helen Shanley. We discuss how support is the missing link parents need on their healing journeys.    Parents often just try to manage on their own in isolation. It’s hard to ask for support. But for those willing to be supported…(Read More)

Warrior Mom Helen

This week, we have a special episode for you all! We talked with our client, Helen Shanley from Ireland. She just completed our 12-week intensive program. She shares her transformation, and how taking small steps while putting less pressure on herself was huge. It paved the way for her to transform, which gave her…(Read More)

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