YOU Are The Greatest Gift For Your Child


As we round out the year, we wanted to take a moment and offer some words of encouragement and acknowledgment for all you wonderful parents out there. 

During this holiday time, we want you to fully appreciate that you are a gift for your child! We know how hard you work for your family and that sometimes it may feel like you’re falling short. But as you take some time to rest and reflect this season, please know and trust that you are already a force of nature for your child. Just as you are at this very moment!

We’re sharing some ways you can take the opportunity to recharge your batteries, recognize your fantastic efforts and accomplishments, and self-work you can start today to take into the new year.

We wish you a restful, peaceful, and connected holiday season! 

 Key Takeaways

  • What you need to trust about yourself (02:30)
  • The cheerleader role of parenting (04:29)
  • Understanding your role as a problem solver (06:40)
  • How to recharge your batteries (09:50)
  • Some work that you can start today (10:35)


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