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Beth Lambert

This week, we are joined by Beth Lambert, founder and executive director of Epidemic Answers, a non-profit organization whose vision is a world where parents and professionals are empowered with the knowledge, resources, and support essential to raising healthy and vibrant children in today’s world.  In this episode, we discuss the importance of…(Read More)

This week, we interview Dr. Dan Peters, who conveys how a parent’s degree of awareness impacts so many aspects of parenting. And with greater awareness, so much more is possible – a stronger and happier relationship with your child. Dr. Dan walks us through how to find the courage to ask the important questions to…(Read More)

Your Attention IS the Gift


In this episode, we are joined by Bruce Kirkby, the author of the new book Blue Sky Kingdom. Blue Sky Kingdom is the epic journey he took with his family.  The journey was the ultimate unplug.  They traveled from their home in Canada to the Himalayas of Northern India where he and his family lived…(Read More)


You Don’t Know YET


This week, Dr. Stephen Cowan is back for the last episode in our three part series and this week it’s all about the importance of curiosity.  Parents with curiosity and self-trust you will find answers over time.  You Don’t Know YET but stay curious and see what happens.   Curiosity leads to understanding…(Read More)

Stephen Cowan

This week, Dr. Stephen Cowan is back and in this episode, he shares the wisdom of The Cosmic Snowman.  The Cosmic Snowman is truly a Roadmap for a greater connection for yourself and your child with autism.   He uses a model called the Cosmic Snowman which is the evolutionary design of our neurologic system. It…(Read More)

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