Your Attention IS the Gift


In this episode, we are joined by Bruce Kirkby, the author of the new book Blue Sky Kingdom. Blue Sky Kingdom is the epic journey he took with his family.  The journey was the ultimate unplug.  They traveled from their home in Canada to the Himalayas of Northern India where he and his family lived at a Buddhist Monastery.  Bruce shares the wisdom he learned and how acceptance and sincere attention to his child are the greatest gifts.

Parents of a child with Autism are often focused on fixing their child.  What Bruce’s journey affirmed was that the best way that we as parents can show up for our children is through the attention we give them. 

Bruce’s story of acceptance, the love of time together, and disconnection from distractions is filled with valuable insights that we know will help you in your own journey.

Stay tuned to learn more about their exciting adventure!


Key Takeaways

  • The journey it took to write this book (02:11)
  • Bruce’s lightbulb moment (04:55)
  • Jumping into one of our dreams (09:15)
  • Bodi’s connection to the Buddhist monastery (10:22)
  • Explaining a Zanskar social construct (14:30)
  • Development must go in both directions (18:32)
  • A child’s early years are hugely impactful (23:15)
  • Making travel a more pleasant experience for a child with sensory issues (30:30)
  • How life has changed since this trip (37:10)


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