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Play The LONG Game


  Welcome to Episode 88 of Autism Parenting Secrets. This week is all about focus. It’s about NOT getting distracted or consumed by the day-to-day ups and downs. Especially given all that you do for your child, it’s natural to want to see progress and improvements.  The sooner the better. But…(Read More)

You Can REPROGRAM The Body


  Welcome to Episode 87 of Autism Parenting Secrets. This week, we continue the theme of addressing the root cause.  Whatever it is that you are wanting to help your child with, it’s NOT a success strategy to only address the symptoms. There’s always an underlying root cause/causes that if addressed, can…(Read More)

  This week, we focus on a way to improve overall wellness that is not on many people’s radar. Dr. Alex Bronson of Bronson Family Dentistry joins Cass and Len.  He’s a co-author of two published articles and is a clinical faculty member at the ALF Educational Institute and takes a Whole…(Read More)

   Parents of a child with autism are often confused by their child’s behaviors.  Things like poor eye contact, spinning objects, inflexibility, and tantrums. Figuring out what to do, if anything, is a big source of frustration and overwhelm. Instead of seeing such behaviors as ‘bad’, it’s more helpful to get curious. What…(Read More)

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