The ALF Expands What’s Possible



This week, we focus on a way to improve overall wellness that is not on many people’s radar.

Dr. Alex Bronson of Bronson Family Dentistry joins Cass and Len.  He’s a co-author of two published articles and is a clinical faculty member at the ALF Educational Institute and takes a Whole Body Approach to Dentistry.

This is an expansive conversation about the importance of addressing jaw and bite issues.  It’s important for everyone, especially young children.

We talk specifically about the Advanced Light Force (ALF) dental appliance.  How it can provide short-term payoffs while paving the way for significant long-term success.


The secret for this week is…


The ALF Expands What’s Possible


Tune in to learn more.


You’ll Discover:

  • What’s an ALF?  (11:27)
  • Who Benefits Most from the ALF (15:06)
  • The First Big Red Flag To Watch Out For (15:47)
  • A Second Big Red Flag To Watch Out For (22:49)
  • Why The ALF is More-Kid Friendly (25:51)
  • Clues That Point To Structural Problems (30:00)
  • How To Find An ALF Practitioner (32:31)
  • How The ALF Provides Short-Term Payoffs That Lead To Long Term Success (38:07)
  • The Typical Duration Of The ALF Process Takes (40:27)
  • The Single Biggest Thing To Do Today That Makes a Huge Impact (45:15)

About Our Guest:

Dr. Alex Bronson, of Bronson Family Dentistry, is a 2012 Graduate of Midwestern University Arizona College of Dental Medicine. He is a co-author of 2 published articles and is a clinical faculty member at the ALF Educational Institute. As an undergraduate, Dr. Alex Bronson double majored in Biology and Psychology at the University of Virginia. His interests include a “Whole Body Approach to Dentistry,” ALF orthodontics, Evolutionary Dentistry, Biologic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, TMD, Nutrition, and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.

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