VISION Is More Than Meets The Eye



Parents of a child with autism are often confused by their child’s behaviors.  Things like poor eye contact, spinning objects, inflexibility, and tantrums.

Figuring out what to do, if anything, is a big source of frustration and overwhelm.

Instead of seeing such behaviors as ‘bad’, it’s more helpful to get curious. What’s causing these behaviors?  Why is my child doing them?

With awareness and intention, we can get better at noticing the clues that can lead to the root cause.  There are scores of possibilities and every child is unique.

This week we focus on one possible root cause that is often overlooked.

Vision is an important and little understood concept.  It means more than eyesight.

Are undiagnosed vision issues holding your child back?


The secret for this week is…


VISION Is More Than Meets The Eye


Tune in to learn more.


You’ll Discover:

  • The Real Meaning of VISION (3:36)
  • Why BINOCULARITY Matters So Much (5:38)
  • The Most Nutritionally Demanding Organ of the Body (7:13)
  • Why Vision Therapy Can’t Be Overlooked (12:41)
  • A Big Red Flag You Can’t Miss (134:30)
  • Visual Symptoms to Look Out For (18:54)
  • A Non-Obvious Reason for Poor Eye Contact (28:57)
  • The Common Condition That Can Be Mistaken for Learning Disabilities (36:50)
  • The Type Of Corrective Lenses You DON’T Want (40:20)
  • The Exact Type of Eye Professional You Want (42:05)
  • When Insurance Covers Vision Therapy (46:50)
  • The Relationship Between Motor and Vision (51:35)
  • A Great Way To Improve Flexibility (56:15)

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