You Don’t Know YET


This week, Dr. Stephen Cowan is back for the last episode in our three part series and this week it’s all about the importance of curiosity.  Parents with curiosity and self-trust you will find answers over time.  You Don’t Know YET but stay curious and see what happens.  

Curiosity leads to understanding, and understanding is the ground floor of The Cosmic Snowman. As parents, you want to foster a sense of openness with everyone who interacts with your child. That includes practitioners, therapists, grandparents, etc. Each of these individuals plays a crucial role in the development of your child with Autism.

Dr. Cowan shares some personal examples of patients he has supported where curiosity led to the answers that were right for the families he supported.  


 Key Takeaways


  • What keeps us from being curious (02:05)
  • The ground floor of the snowman (04:00)
  • Dr. Cowan’s experience with a child born at 23 weeks (07:10)
  • Why his story illustrates the importance of staying curious (12:05)


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