Helen Shanley

SUPPORT Is The Missing Link



This week’s episode is part 2 of our discussion with our client, Helen Shanley. We discuss how support is the missing link parents need on their healing journeys. 


Parents often just try to manage on their own in isolation. It’s hard to ask for support. But for those willing to be supported, so much more is possible! Helen’s story is a testament to just that. She and her son have an incredible story of healing and hope, and so much of it can be credited to her focus on support. 


Helen shares why she now relies on her own wisdom for her son’s care and the growth that she’s experienced by working through her limiting beliefs. Tune into this week’s episode to learn more about her reflections and how you, too, can adopt a supportive practice for your family!


 Key Takeaways


  • How support played an important part in their journey (02:00)
  • Why Helen now relies on her innate wisdom (08:20)
  • Our kids know what they need (11:40) 
  • Reflecting on the journey so far (21:10)
  • Focus on supporting your child rather than fixing them (26:30)
  • Crushing through to limiting beliefs (29:15)


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