Warrior Mom Helen

Small Steps + Less Pressure = BIG Progress


This week, we have a special episode for you all! We talked with our client, Helen Shanley from Ireland. She just completed our 12-week intensive program. She shares her transformation, and how taking small steps while putting less pressure on herself was huge. It paved the way for her to transform, which gave her son the space to make huge gains!


The feedback we get from our clients is gratifying and always offers us a fresh and interesting perspective to the journey we’re all on as parents. Our discussion with Helen starts with some of the feelings she had to navigate when her son was first given an Autism diagnosis. Feelings that you may be familiar with–the grief, loneliness, and uncertainty that is so often attached to raising a child with specific challenges.


She details those initial emotions and her decision not to allow a diagnosis to define her family’s quality of life. She went from putting immense pressure on herself to be the perfect parent taking all the right steps and making sure her child was doing all of the “right things to letting go and taking one step at a time.


We talk about the unintentional pressure we put on ourselves and children and some self-care tips we can implement to help keep us grounded and refreshed. Tune into this week’s episode to listen to Helen’s encouraging story!

 Key Takeaways


  • Helen’s big aha moment  (03:30)
  • A bit about her Autism journey (04:50)
  • The pressure she was putting on her life (11:00)
  • The power of our thoughts (20:05)
  • How diet has been a complete game changer (25:40)
  • Sometimes we unintentionally put pressure on our children (33:10)
  • Helen’s self-care tips (35:00)


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