Amy Lansky

Homeopathy CAN Work Miracles


This episode we connected with Amy Lansky.  Amy Lansky is an author and her first book is “Impossible Cure”.  This book changed our life and was truly an important piece of our autism puzzle.  We discuss an overview of homeopathy and how it can help a child with Autism (and truly anyone).

Amy shares her discovery of homeopathy and offers a brief history of its relationship with western medicine. Homeopathy is really unknown in comparison to western or allopathic medicine.  Amy argues that not only is homeopathy a credible medical practice but that it can especially be beneficial to more sensitive individuals such as children with Autism. 

At its core, the mission of homeopathic medicine is to assist the body in healing itself. We all have the power of healing living within us, but it’s up to us to tap into it and find the right remedy for our wellness journey. 

Amy and I discuss how parents can formulate a strategy to help their children and what things they should consider when preparing for an appointment with a homeopath. 

Tune in to listen to our enlightening conversation!

 Key Takeaways

  • How Amy found Homeopathy (03:30)
  • History of homeopathy in the western world (08:30)
  • Finding the right remedy (11:45)
  • The threat of homeopathy on conventional medicine (15:00)
  • Figuring out a strategy to help your child (21:35)
  • Prepping for an appointment with a homeopath (28:02)
  • Remember that this is a journey (32:15)
  • Amy shares a bit about her books (40:35)


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