The Dirt Cure

It’s All About the TERRAIN


This episode we have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Maya Shetreat.  Dr. Maya is a neurologist and the author of the book The Dirt Cure. We discuss how focusing on the terrain within the body and exposing the body to the terrain of the earth (especially the soil) is incredibly important for healing and overall wellness. 

We often forget the interconnectedness of our body with the ground beneath our feet and the natural world that surrounds us. Our conversation with Dr. Maya focuses on the important mindset shift we must take if we intend to begin a healing and wellness journey. Our bodies have an inherent desire to heal, and it is up to us to create an environment that fosters that process.

Dr. Maya offers her advice and guidance on how exposing the body to the natural terrain protects from disease and sickness and the steps we can take to properly ground ourselves and align with the natural medicine gifted to us all!

Our conversation is so refreshing and uplifting, and I’m excited for you to tune in and hear the wisdom Dr. Maya shares.  

 Key Takeaways


  • The body wants to heal (03:45)
  • An important mindset shift (06:00)
  • Transforming the whole family (13:05)
  • These moments are irreplaceable (16:20)
  • How the forest protects us (19:15)
  • How to ground ourselves with the earth (23:00)
  • Nature is our family (31:35)


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