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Warriors Are ALL-IN


Why Warrior? In this episode, we go deep on the term “Warrior” and how it has nothing to do with War.  A Warrior is all about a parent’s love for their child and their willingness to go ALL-IN.

You’ve heard us say it repeatedly, so we thought it was time to take a deep dive into what it truly means to be a warrior parent. At its core, a warrior parent accepts and loves their child as they are. And their focus is to do everything in their power to set their child up for success.  

Their primary goal is to create an environment that provides the best opportunity for healing and progress and true connection. This work isn’t easy and frequently requires a lot of un-learning on the parents’ part. It usually means choosing the path less traveled.  It often requires breaking through the limitations that others put on their child. 

In this episode, we’re going over the characteristics of the warrior parent, why it’s essential to find a great support network, and practices you can start TODAY to ensure you are showing up for your child in the best way possible. 

 Key Takeaways

  • What a warrior is (02:00)
  • Why we love the term warrior (04:00)
  • Why we need to focus on unlearning (06:05)
  • Choosing a different path (11:15)
  • The characteristics of a warrior (12:30)
  • We’re about the how (15:00)
  • It’s so important to seek out support (20:50)
  • The way of the warrior (24:00)
  • Things you can do today (28:15)


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