Patty Lemer

The Sequence Truly Matters


We interviewed Patty Lemer about her step-by-step plan for parents to help their child – the key point is that the order you do things really matters. It’s important to lay a strong foundation so therapies that address speech and language will be most beneficial.

 Patty believes that the first step parents should take is to remove the bad and add in the good. The bad can be anything from environmental factors to toxic relationships, while the good can be noticing that your child responds well to a specific diet or that they seem engaged when you’re at church on Sunday. 

 It all starts with being that detective for your child and gaining confidence that you are the best fit for the job!

 Next, parents have to look at the structural foundations to truly understand their place today. Maybe your child dealt with some sort of birth trauma or other circumstance that disrupted the natural attachment process. So many of the answers we’re looking for start as far back as the planning stages of bringing a child into the world. The key here is to leave no stone unturned.

 Patty then tackles sensory issues with the understanding that so many of these “issues” are actually symptoms of an agitated nervous system. A solution may just be around the corner with a fix to your child’s diet or environment!

 Many parents feel that the biggest red flags are behavior or relational. Sometimes, we jump the gun and try to address stimming or lack of verbalization when really we need to focus on those first three steps.  

 Lastly, Patty encourages parents to look to the future. It’s never too late to begin a path of healing, and it’s never too early to have a hopeful vision of what your child’s future may look like!

  Key Takeaways

  • The power of sequencing (03:50)
  • Step one is to remove the bad and add the good (07:05)
  • Look at the structural foundations (09:18)
  • Thirdly, address the sensory issues (16:10)
  • What it means to have a vision (22:48)
  • Why the vestibular system is so important (29:41)
  • The first three steps must be addressed before tacking talking, relating, and behaving (31:30)
  • Stage five is looking to the future (33:20)
  • Why Patty’s books are a must-read (39:50)

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