Dr. Zach Bush

We NEED Autism


This week’s episode will change the way you look at autism. Dr. Zach Bush is our guest and he explains why we NEED Autism to experience our humanity fully and how parents can reframe their mindsets to best support their child with autism.  

The information Dr. Bush shares will empower you to look at your child and their journey differently.  We discuss the invaluable role Autism needs to play in our society and what it’s here to teach us. Our children with Autism are put on this earth to help heal humanity as a whole, and as parents, we can be their greatest ally and guide.

We are blessed Dr. Bush has been a mentor and a light in our autism journey.  The wisdom and love he shares has transformed our journey to support our son, ourselves and our family.  We are so glad to be sharing this discussion with you.  We hope that it will help shed light and hope to support your child.   

Please make sure to share this episode to anyone you know who is touched by autism.  

Tune in!

 Key Takeaways


  • Why we need Autism (07:30)
  • The courage we hold is astounding (10:50)
  • There is no human solution for your child (13:10)
  • What children with Autism are here to do (16:00)
  • How do parents reframe their mindset to that of an ally? (20:20)
  • Something fascinating about Ry (25:00)
  • The importance of experiencing our emotions (28:46)
  • The need to come together as a community (32:00)
  • How our family has found freedom (35:00)


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