Dr. Zach Bush

Autism is a SUPERPOWER: You Don’t Want ‘Normal’


We’re back with part two of our conversation with Dr. Zach Bush.   Dr. Bush shares so much wisdom and insights.  Please listen with an open heart (you may want to listen to this more than once).  The Secret this episode is … Autism Is a SUPERPOWER.

Dr. Bush shares why the autism journey is so incredibly unique and how individuals with autism  are connected to a totally different knowledge field.  

Our opportunity is to help each individual to be vibrating at their highest level.  For when we do, they will be able to share their gifts with humanity.  

Dr. Bush also reminds us that Autism is just a made up-word that was created to describe a complex human experience that we learn more about each day. 

While recognizing the real challenges that individuals and families face, there’s also beauty and wisdom to gain.  We can choose to shift our perspective and to see with fresh eyes the gifts people with autism have and the message they share.  Autism is a SUPERPOWER.  

Tune in for an incredibly enlightening conversation with Dr. Zach Bush!

 Key Takeaways

  • What to do when you’re craving answers (04:00)
  • The human body is a complex machine (08:00)
  • The autistic journey is incredibly unique (12:00)
  • There’s no such thing as Autism (15:45)
  • How our children pull us out of suffering (20:30)
  • The part of Autism that needs to heal (25:40)

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