Your Child Understands EVERYTHING


This week, we are joined by J.B. Handley and J.B. shares his family’s, Autism Miracle.   The secret he shares… Your Child Understands EVERYTHING.  

J.B was afraid to hope. It was just too painful. His autism journey has been long and his son was 18 and a non-speaker.   

But what seemed like a long shot and based on a friend’s dramatic change with their own son. J.B reached out to Elizabeth Vosseller of Growing Kids Therapy Center, and the rest of their story is truly amazing.

J.B.’s son Jamie learned how to communicate.  He was finally able to express himself.  He could communicate his home life, how he felt about various teachers, and his likes and dislikes. And now they are starting to plan for college.  

These discoveries completely transformed the Handley family. With the new understanding that our children with Autism understand everything, J.B concluded that we’ve got Autism all wrong. 

Through their story, J.B and Jamie hope to bring a renewed sense of hope and faith to those who might be feeling downtrodden by an Autism diagnosis.

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear the whole story!

Key Takeaways

  • How his son communicates (03:03)
  • Rekindled hope (11:00)
  • Jamie could spell (15:50)
  • The shock of his awareness (24:00)
  • The courage of teachers who believed in Jamie (31:50)
  • We’ve got Autism all wrong (34:20)
  • Children with Autism understand everything (42:00)
  • Our family has been transformed (49:15)
  • The common traits of our children (51:30)


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