What You STOP Doing Matters More Than What You Start


This week, Cass and Len dive deep on one key concept.  It’s a short episode, but the message has a long-lasting impact.  

After a child is diagnosed with ASD, gung-ho parents usually dive in and intervene. They start therapy, medication, supplementation, or special diets to try to help their child.

There’s nothing wrong with that… but the fast path to finding answers that are right for a child on the spectrum requires a pause.  The secret this week: 

What You STOP Doing Matters More Than What You Start.

Tune in to this week’s episode to learn why.

Key Takeaways


  • Why the Hippocratic Oath applies to parents, not just doctors. (01:51)
  • It’s easy to have a false sense of confidence (03:00)
  • Being “Coachable” is essential (04:09)
  • When we work on ourselves, our kids’ benefit (04:48)
  • Why “The Plant Paradox” inspired this episode (06:16)
  • A Strong Foundation includes stopping what harms (10:32)
  • There’s power in the Pause button (12:41)
  • Practical steps to get started today (14:08)


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