Ensure Your Doctor Meets Your CHILD’S Needs


This episode focuses on one of the most important decisions a parent makes: Deciding WHO is the right doctor/practitioner for YOUR child.

You increase your odds of finding the right person when you better understand all available options.

Our guest this week is Honey Rinicella, Executive Director of The Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).

MAPS is an organization of medical professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible care to children with ASD and other special needs conditions.

The Secret This Week is…

Ensure Your Doctor Meets Your CHILD’S Needs


You’ll Discover:

  • Why MAPS Is So Unique and Helpful (4:54)
  • How The Right Practitioner With The Right Tools Helps Your Child More (9:20)
  • A “Must See” Movie (16:45)
  • How To Start Working With A MAPS Practitioner (26:40)
  • The Practitioners You Want And The Ones To Avoid (37:54)

About Our Guest:

Honey Rinicella is the Executive Director of The Medical Academy of Pediatrics and Special Needs, and mother of incredible 22-year-old twins with Autism who have significant health issues.

She has devoted her life to building and strengthening the special needs community. Honey has spent the last few years educating both families and practitioners on the latest modalities to improve the lives of all individuals living with special needs.

Honey lives in Pennsylvania with her husband of 25 years, twins Victor and Vincent, and their two loving dogs. Her firstborn daughter is currently pursuing her Doctorate of OT, as she clearly shares in her mother’s passion to serve and support the special needs community.

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