Make The Invisible VISIBLE


Welcome to Episode 101 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.

The topic this week is electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the importance of minimizing exposure.  This matters for you the parent and it is especially important for children.

We focus on one type of EMF exposure that’s increasing at an exponential rate: radio frequencies (RF) from wireless communications such as WiFi, 5G, BlueTooth, etc.

Our guest this week is Rob Metzinger.  He is the President and Founder of Safe Living Technologies.  With over 20 years of experience dedicated to electrical and electronic problem solving, he is an authority on EMF and RF pollution.

The truth is that excessive exposure to RF impacts our biology.  So knowing how much you are being exposed to is super important.

The secret this week is… Make The Invisible VISIBLE

You’ll Discover:

  • Nature is The Ultimate Goal (5:22)
  • How An RF Meter Helps (8:35)
  • HEARING is Believing (9:31)
  • Government Guidelines Don’t Help (13:01)
  • An Event That Warrants A Closer Look (16:33)
  • The Case For Good Defense (20:27)
  • Top Offenders And Practical Actions You Can Take (25:10)
  • The Case for Inconvenience (27:46)
  • Simpler Is Better (34:02)
  • What To Look For In A Meter (38:42)
  • A Simple Way To Gauge Your Home or School Environment (46:23)
  • Why 5G Is Hard To Measure (49:10)


About Our Guest

Rob Metzinger is the President and Founder of Safe Living Technologies.  By trade, Rob is an Electronics Engineering Technologist (1987) and has successfully completed the Institute of Building Biology USA (IBE), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) training (2004) and also acquired his Building Biology Environmental Consultant Certificate, BBEC (2010).  From his 20 years experience as an independent corporate electronics field service engineer, Rob has developed a strong background in electrical and electronic problem solving along with strong customer relation skills. He is an authority on all issues related to EMF pollution and RF pollution. Education, Detection, and Protection are the three pillars of his business.

Safe Living Technologies is comprised of expert EMF service providers and RF service providers throughout Canada and the USA. These professionals each have unique talents and extensive experience in a variety of fields. Our team is proficient in Electromagnetic Field measurements, EMF troubleshooting, EMF shielding and Radio Frequency shielding, Mitigation of Electromagnetic Fields, and Electrical power engineering. We also have strong ties to the top EMF professionals in Europe which we can draw information from. Together we have been able to resolve many issues.

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