PLAY Is The Way


Welcome to Episode 203 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week, we’re focusing on the transformative power of JOYFUL interactions with children on the autism spectrum.

Our guest is Becky Damgaard, a senior Son-Rise Program teacher at the Autism Treatment Center of America.

With over two decades of experience working with children on the autism spectrum, Becky shares invaluable insights about the underestimated power of play.

In this discussion, we explore how simple, everyday interactions can significantly impact the lives of children with special needs.

From the importance of face-making and physical play to the benefits of joining and paying attention to “green light” moments, Becky emphasizes how play isn’t just fun but a vital element in developing communication skills, cognitive abilities, and social connections.

If you’re looking to deepen your connection with your child and understand how to be their greatest resource, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom.

Stay tuned as we dive into these playful secrets that promise not only to enhance engagement but also to enrich relationships.

The secret this week is …

PLAY Is The Way

You’ll Discover:

  • Why PLAY Is The Gateway (5:13)
  • The Backstory of The Autism Treatment Center of America (8:38)
  • What Is IAS And Why You Want To Lengthen It (11:05)
  • Ways To Forge A Deeper Connection With Your Child (18:48)
  • How To Be ENTERTAINING (24:12)
  • The Power Of The Three “E”s (31:27)
  • Small Yet Powerful Shifts A Parent Can Make (36:41)
  • A One-Of-A-Kind Weeklong Experience (39:41)

About Our Guest:

Becky Damgaard is a Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher at the Autism Treatment Center of America.  Her passion for supporting children with special needs began in an elementary school classroom, where she witnessed the misunderstood challenges faced by children on the autism spectrum.  Recognizing the need for a child-centered approach, she joined the Autism Treatment Center of America®, relocating from the UK to pursue her calling.  For the past two decades, Becky has dedicated herself to teaching The Son-Rise Program, working directly with over 700 individual children, and supporting thousands of families worldwide in individual and group settings.  Her unwavering commitment and personalized approach have helped these children reach their true potential. Becky describes her work as her life’s mission, and her efforts continue to inspire and bring hope to those she serves.

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