Simple Tech Changes Make Summer Travel Safer



Welcome to Episode 56 of Autism Parenting Secrets. 


In this episode, Mary Anne Tierney joins Cass and Len to discuss EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Mary Anne is a certified Building Biologist and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist certified by the Building Biology Institute (BBI), 

Since 2011, she has been measuring, mitigating, and educating on the health effects of EMFs. With a background as a psychiatric nurse, public health educator, and recovering electro-sensitive individual.

She founded Blue Ridge EMF Solutions in 2018, providing high-quality, solution-focused assessments that focus on measurable, affordable means for joyful, low-EMF living.

This conversation focuses on this key question:

How can parents take control and create a safer environment for their child in the car?

Whether it’s a short drive or a long road trip, playing defense in the car makes sense. 

While EMFs are everywhere, they are much more concentrated and harmful within the confines of a car.

But the good news is that there are ways to reduce the exposure while keeping things interesting and fun.

The empowering secret this week is… 


Simple Tech Changes Make Summer Travel Safe


You’ll Discover:

  • What Are The Four Types of Exposures to Watch Out For (8:00)
  • Reducing Radio Frequencies For Kids of the Spectrum is Critical (9:08)
  • Why Magnetic Fields Matter (11:05)
  • Dirty Electricity is a Huge Concern (11:52)
  • The Home is Hazardous, The Car Is Worse (18:52) 16:01
  • Streaming Takes a Toll (24:26)  21:15
  • Meters Are Essential (28:09) 25:10
  • Why Making a Call on Your Phone Should NOT Be Done in the Car (33:05)
  • The Three Principles for Lowering Exposure (35:30)
  • So Much IS Within Your Control, Plan Ahead (37:24)
  • Hybrid Cars Are Huge Sources of Dirty Electricity (43:15)
  • Grounding Yourself Provides a Reset (49:19)


Tune in now to learn more!


About Our Guest:

* Blue Ridge EMF Solutions

* Tech Safe Travel: an Opportunity for Low-EMF Family Fun



References in This Episode:


* Safe and Sound Pro II RFv Meter

* Trifield® EMF Meter Model TF2


* ElectraHealth

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