Your Child Is NOT The Problem



Welcome to Episode 69 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 


Our very special guest this week is Raun K. Kaufman.  

He’s the best-selling author of Autism Breakthrough, the former CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America, and the co-founder of the ACT (Autism Crisis Turnaround) Protocol.  

Trust us… you want to hear what this man has to say.  Why?

First of all, he understands what it’s like to be on the autism spectrum.  He offers powerful, personal insights – not theory.

Second, he’s dedicated the last 25 years empowering parents like you with the success strategies that make a huge difference.

We know you’re doing so much to help your child.  And being a good problem solver is a key skill to develop.  

But HOW you define the problem makes a huge difference in your ability to get what you want for your child.


The secret this week is… Your Child Is NOT The Problem


You’ll Discover:

  • The Prognosis Is Just a Guess (2:25)
  • The Brain Is Capable of Incredible Growth (7:23) 
  • Why the Neuroception of Safety Matters (12:20)
  • What’s a Neuro-crash and How Can They Be Avoided (15:01)
  • It’s Not One Thing, It’s All The Things (18:05)
  • Why Your Agitation Is Not Helping (24:15)
  • How To Spot The Signals of Stress Faster (34:58)
  • How To Build up Trust With Your Child (42:14)


About Our Guest

Raun K. Kaufman is the best selling author of Autism Breakthrough, a phenomenal must have book for any parent of a child on the spectrum. He is the former CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America, home of The Son-Rise Program.  And he is the co-founder of the ACT (Autism Crisis Turnaround) Protocol.

The ACT Protocol

Autism Breakthrough by Raun K. Kaufman



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