Self Care’s NOT Selfish


Welcome to Episode 161 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This episode focuses on the importance of the self-care of the parent.

It’s not fully appreciated and usually falls to the bottom of the priority list for parents who want to do everything they can for their child.

NOT ok.

There are many reasons for this, and this episode makes the case for why putting yourself last hurts everyone around you, especially your child.

Our guest this week is Stephanie Locricchio, advocacy and outreach manager for Children’s Health Defense.

Stephanie makes a compelling case for why your self-care matters so much more than you think.

The secret this week is …

Self Care’s NOT Selfish

You’ll Discover:

  • There’s Power In Saying NO (3:04)
  • What You Need To Let Go Of (8:02)
  • One Of The Biggest Tools Of Self Care (11:41)
  • The Opposite Of Self-Care (13:33)
  • Why Boundaries Are Essential (17:50)
  • What To Do When You Get Stressed Out (20:47)
  • The First Thing To Do Each Morning (27:37)
  • The Big Shift To Make Now (29:01)
  • One Belief To Drop And Another To Embrace (34:08)

About Our Guest:

Stephanie Locricchio is the advocacy and outreach manager for Children’s Health Defense. As a certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor, she recognizes the importance of self-care to remain vital and strong in the movement. She’s the founder of the Wellness Warriors Revolution, a movement of warriors on a mission to raise healthy, happy families the natural way.

In 2012, Stephanie pursued her passion for holistic living, enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After graduating, Stephanie created the Wellness Warriors Revolution and has assisted thousands in reaching their health goals. Her signature programs address the four pillars of wellness: mindfulness, self-care, nourishing foods, and yoga. Her mission is to empower others to step into the healthiest, happiest, most powerful versions of themselves and to raise awareness on issues that impact our well-being and health freedoms.

Stephanie is a fierce advocate and influencer in the health freedom movement. She was a key leader in New Jersey during the Battle of Trenton and continues to fight for health freedom. She lends her voice and social media platforms to educate, inspire and empower people to advocate for their families and take meaningful action to preserve freedom.

Stephanie hosts The People’s Testament on CHD.TV and provides a safe space for those who have been injured and censored to share their stories. She’s also one of the rotating hosts for Good Morning CHD — to provide the latest news to our followers and supporters.

In her role as advocacy and outreach manager, Stephanie works to amplify the voices of those fighting for issues impacting the health and freedom of our children. She provides support, encouragement, and connection so our advocates know that they are part of a global freedom family and are never alone.

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