Peanut Allergies AREN’T Random


Welcome to Episode 162 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This episode focuses on the epidemic of allergies in children.

Our guest this week is Heather Fraser, an advocate for holistic health & health choice and author of The Peanut Allergy Epidemic.

This discussion explores the many factors that gave rise to the studden and increasing prevalence of allergies in children.

Our journey to support our son involved both moderate/severe autism and life-threatening allergies, especially to peanuts.

In many ways, the peanut allergy was the greater challenge.

And we know it wasn’t bad luck that our son has a peanut allergy and many others.

The secret this week is …

Peanut Allergies AREN’T Random

You’ll Discover:

  • Red Flags To Watch Out For (3:22)
  • The Shocking Prevalency Of Childhood Allergies Today (5:15)
  • What You’ll See In Schools That You Never Used To See (9:37)
  • Why The Hygiene Hypothesis Doesn’t Explain The Allergy Epidemic (14:31)
  • How The Words Allergy and Anaphylaxis Came Into Existence (19:05)
  • A History Of The Many Things That Changed With Immunizations (21:39)
  • The “Bystander Effect” (26:28)
  • The Long Term Impact of Antibiotics (28:38)
  • Why We Need To Say NO To Normalization (35:49)
  • Why GRAS IS So Concerning (42:27)
  • Anxiety Never Helps (49:53)
  • Why You Need To Keep Your Eyes Wide Open (54:54)

About Our Guest:

Heather Fraser is a health choice advocate and author of The Peanut Allergy Epidemic. Its third edition features a foreword by another allergy parent, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

From Heather…

Some experiences can change the course of your life completely. In 1995, this happened to me when my one-year-old child reacted violently to a taste of peanut butter.

We sought treatments such as were available at the time and urgently adapted to a state of hypervigilance. I studied nutrition and energy-based modalities looking for ways to recover. At the same time, I scoured the medical literature. I wanted to know what had happened, how and why my child and, by the late 90s, scores of other children had suddenly become atopic and anaphylactic to common foods.

Today, I am an advocate for holistic health and health choice. My studies have included BodyTalk, Quantum Touch, iridology, bioenergetics, and nutrition through IHN (Toronto).  I have a special interest in consciousness-based practice. In this context, I make two muscle testing tools that are available through Ergopathics.

In 2017, the third edition of my book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic was published with a foreword by another allergy parent and friend, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and a preface by my child, Cat Fraser-Boychuk. This book is a deep dive into the complex and deeply challenging world of health politics.

​In addition to studies in health, I hold an MA in Art History from Queen’s University and two undergrad degrees in Art History and Education from Western University.

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