Curiosity Is An Underrated Superpower


In this episode Autism Parenting Secrets,we discuss the importance of parents remaining curious about why their child is doing what they are doing. And how it’s important to find doctors and therapists who are curious about your child as well.

Raising a child with Autism is a journey of figuring out the unknowns. Parents fail to realize that finding the answers that are right for your child starts with you and the people surrounding your child being open to learning and adapting to their unique needs. 

Instead of becoming consumed with questions such as, “why isn’t my child hitting certain milestones?” or succumbing to the pressure and stress triggered by your child’s confusing behaviors, focus on figuring out the ‘why’. 

You won’t make progress if your entire perspective centers around what your child can’t do. You must put on your detective hat and open your mind to the curiosities and complexities that make your child unique. That mindset opens up a window for learning and understanding your child better, putting you into a much better position to figure out what might be helpful.

In addition to that, it puts you in your child’s shoes. The behaviors you once thought were so strange may suddenly start to make sense, and you provide the opportunity for an even more profound connection with your child.

We can’t stress enough how significant this mindset shift is! Listen to this week’s episode to learn how it completely changed our lives for the better.

Key Takeaways


  • Lack of curiosity leads to stress (2:00)
  • How to better understand your child’s perspective (4:37)
  • It’s not going to work unless you’re curious (6:30)
  • Find doctors and other healthcare professionals that are driven to know your child (14:40)
  • Creating the space to becoming more present (16:30)
  • Your curiosity will bring clarity to traits and behaviors that you don’t understand (21:18)

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