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Yes You CAN Nourish Your Picky Eater!



In this episode of Autism Parenting Secrets, Cass discusses creative ways to help parents get high quality, nourishing food into even stubborn, picky eaters.

We know how challenging it can be to feed your picky eaters, but we wanted to take the time and offer some hope that it is completely possible to feed your child with Autism healthy and nutrient-dense food that will help them thrive.

The key here is becoming a detective for your child, and that is what we’re discussing today. It’s essential to first discuss the food goals you have for your child. Maybe you’re just trying to get them to eat, and that is completely valid. Or maybe you’re struggling to find foods that don’t further upset your child’s allergies. 

It’s likely that if you have a child with Autism, the game of playing detective becomes much more difficult. Perhaps, they have issues with texture or having their food touch. We’ll cover how to deal with those scenarios in this episode too. 

We hope to help get you to a point where you’re feeding nourishing foods that are diverse and complementary to your child’s palette. A diverse diet is so important, and we are continually looking for new ways to incorporate and rotate different foods in our child’s diet.

We developed a course called WTF Picky Eaters that will help you navigate the challenge of feeding your child wholesome foods that they enjoy. Because we have so much success with our clients, we are confident that some of this advice will add significant value to your journey. 

Tune into this episode and check out the links below for the next steps you can take to nourish your child’s body so they can operate at their best!

Key Takeaways


  • Our experience with a picky eater (1:44)
  • The night and day change one of our client’s had when they changed their child’s diet (6:05)
  • How to feed your picky eater (8:47)
  • Why you need the right appliances in your kitchen (11:30)
  • Play detective for your child (13:52)
  • Focus on diversity when it comes to feeding your child (15:26)
  • The course we created around this topic (18:15)


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