Kids THRIVE In Nature


In this episode of Autism Parenting Secrets, We talk about how children with Autism are drawn to nature. It doesn’t judge and instead accepts them as they are. We give suggestions on how parents can get outside more and tap the power of nature to benefit their child.

The secret is that we all thrive in nature, especially children. We first discovered this while living in NYC. Whenever we took our son out to local parks, he would just become totally immersed in his environment. He was a completely different kid.  His favorite place was a local community garden where he would stand inside the plants.  He was completely happy and calm.  

Nature is so powerful and is fully accepting. This was such an important concept for us to learn because, at the time, we were so focused on “fixing” our son. That mindset came from a place of judgment, and once we let it go, we really began to see a miraculous change in him.

Now we spend as much time as possible grounding or earthing, it’s as simple as standing on grass or sand in bare feet.  It acts as a total reset for the mind and body.  It is an immediate stress reliever and truly a reset. This is especially important as we navigate the current times with remote learning and increased screen time. 

The goal is to spend as much time in nature as you can.  Unplug from our lives and reconnect. Plant a garden or make a daily walk part of your routine.  

We can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing in the great outdoors! Enjoy!

Key Takeaways


  • Today’s secret (1:12)
  • The reason I jump (4:04)
  • Why nature should be a part of every day (6:40)
  • The more you’re in a natural environment, the more natural connection can occur (11:30)
  • How this connection to earth can help picky eaters (14:50)
  • Grounding helps parents too (17:40)


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The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida 


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