Draw YOUR OWN Conclusions


Welcome to Episode 207 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

Joining us this week is Leah Wilson, an attorney with a background in complex litigation and advocacy.

She is beyond passionate about children’s health and has researched and worked on child welfare issues for more than a decade.

She closed her law practice in 2019 to start Stand For Health Freedom to promote parental rights and informed consent.

In this episode, Leah shares insights on navigating the growing scope of genetic testing and the importance of being educated to make empowered choices.

This discussion makes a case for knowledge over fear in protecting our children’s health.

The secret this week is…

Draw YOUR OWN Conclusions

You’ll Discover:

  • The Origin Story of Stand For Health Freedom (2:24)
  • Some Incredibly Important Questions To Ask (13:22)
  • The Power of The TIMELINE (16:03)
  • Concerns With Newborn Screening (23:05)
  • How You Can Be Part of the Solution (33:01)

About Our Guest:

Leah Wilson, an attorney with a background in complex litigation and advocacy, has been dedicated to children’s health and welfare for over a decade. Her journey began with the troubling overmedication of foster children, leading her to become a foster parent and court-appointed advocate. Leah’s experiences revealed the pervasive use of psychiatric drugs in foster care and the state’s strict vaccination mandates for foster families.

Recognizing the broader impact of one-size-fits-all medical mandates on child welfare, Leah founded Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) in 2019 to advocate for all children nationwide. She holds a law degree from Saint Louis University and a dual bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from Indiana University.

Leah also owns MaxLiving Indy, a prominent natural health center, and is a well-known educator and speaker on holistic health, religious rights, and environmental issues.


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