SIBLINGS Are The Greatest Therapists


Welcome to Episode 206 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week, we’re focusing on the perspective of the sibling of a child with autism.

Their lives are absolutely impacted, yet their needs are often ignored or unintentionally not prioritized.

Joining us is David Kartzinel, son of Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, who was on the show last month (Episode 199) and brother to Josh, who is on the autism spectrum.

Nurturing the relationship with your child who is NOT on the spectrum can feel like another ball in the air you must juggle – and it can add to the overwhelm a parent feels.

But you CAN meet the needs of all your children and you can also tap the tremendous positive force of siblings in supporting your child on the spectrum.

The secret this week is…

SIBLINGS Are the Greatest Therapists

You’ll Discover:

  • What It’s Like Being The Sibling of a Child With Autism (3:20)
  • The Role of Counseling and Self-Care for Siblings (8:46)
  • The Impact of Autism on SIBLINGS (14:57)
  • Techniques To Release Trauma (26:24)
  • Specific Actions To Take With Your Child Who’s NOT On The Spectrum (32:34)
  • Why It’s Never Too Late For Open Communication (45:15)
  • How To Nurture Relationships In Challenging Times (52:25)

About Our Guest:

David Kartzinel is the office manager for Kartzinel Wellness Center with 15 years of experience and the Executive Director of Home Life Community.  He has spearheaded various technological changes and specializes in maximizing the practice’s efficiency.

David received his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Union University in 2008.  David grew up with autism as a part of his life since he was 13 years old when his youngest brother Joshua was diagnosed at age 2 with autism.  He is passionate about helping siblings and parents understand the long-term effects of living with a special needs sibling, especially with regard to its impacts on the siblings, both negative and positive.

Now an adult sibling with children of his own, he continues to work for his father helping families with children who have autism.  David brings a unique perspective that blends a very honest, realistic take with a good-natured optimism that focuses on ensuring a family learns to understand each other and work to improve and move forward together, whatever challenges the family may face.

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