EMFs Impact Kids MORE


Welcome to Episode 108 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.

Our guest is Nick Pineault – also known as The EMF Guy.

He’s an investigative health journalist and the bestselling author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.  One of the most influential books on the topic of EMF.

Since late 2016, he’s been a passionate advocate for safe technologies, raising awareness and appearing on scores of podcasts, Facebook lives, TV and radio shows, and stages all around the world.

Nic’s goal is to incentivize tech companies, Governments, regulators, and consumers alike to demand and develop technologies that are supporting the life of humans, animals, and the planet.

While minimizing EMFs is important for everyone, children require special attention.

The secret this week is…


EMFs Impact Kids MORE


You’ll Discover:

  • Why Prenatal Exposure To Cell Phones Is A Problem (4:36)
  • Two Reasons Why Children Are More Susceptible To Harm (8:25)
  • The Case for Going “Wired” (18:36)
  • The Type of Exposure That Matters Most (22:26)
  • How To Approach Schools About EMF Concerns (25:47)
  • What You Don’t Want In Your Child’s Bedroom (33:36)
  • How EMFs Make Other Toxins Worse (35:48)
  • A Simple Protocol To Get Started (42:10)
  • The Best Meters For Taking Your Own Readings (46:39)
  • Whether Older Smartphones Are Safer Than New (49:20)


About Our Guest

Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault is the #1 bestselling author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs and an advocate for safe technologies. Through his unconventional approach blending humor, science, and common sense, he’s becoming a leading voice on the topic of electromagnetic pollution and how it affects our health.

For the last few years, Nick has been interviewing some of the best minds on health and technology and facilitating the creation of courses and educational materials to raise awareness on this very important issue.


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