A Healing Home Is Sensory-Informed


Welcome to Episode 107 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.


How do you create a more healing environment at home?  That’s the question and this week we have experts who have answers.

We’re joined by Robbie Levy and Ingrid Smith of SensaRooms, an interior design firm that specializes in sensory-informed environments.

​Both Robbie and Ingrid have each spent more than 30 years as practicing Occupational Therapists.

They assess your child’s sensory responses to create a Sensory Profile that is used to inform every decision in the design process.

They propose that a SensaRoom will nourish the soul and provide a sense of serenity.

Hear Ingrid and Robbie share insights on how you can create a space where your child and entire family can thrive.


The secret this week is… 


A Healing Home Is Sensory-Informed


You’ll Discover:

  • Your Physical Space Needs To Match Your Neurology (4:35)
  • What An Initial Design Assessment Looks Like (6:51)
  • What Overwhelms Kids The Most (12:07)
  • A Room In The House That’s Often Overstimulating (14:30)
  • The Problem With Classrooms (24:23)
  • It’s About Lifestyle Not Therapy (30:29)
  • Important, But Overlooked Sources of Stress (38:12)
  • The Few Things That Impact Most Kids (49:04)


About Our Guests

Robbie Levy is a leading Pediatric Occupational Therapist with almost four decades supporting families with children of all abilities.  She is the Owner and Founder of Dynamic Kids, a group of over 20 therapists which provides services in two private offices, public/parochial schools, and preschools throughout Westchester County and the surrounding area.  She has been a direct therapist, practice owner, mentor, university professor, author, and national lecturer. Her passion and expertise in the field of sensory processing and integration, play, motor development, and parenting has led her to this new venture.  Robbie is always developing new programs, designing equipment, and aiding in improved regulation at home, school, and in the community. RF pollution, Education, Detection, and Protection are the three pillars of his business.

Ingrid Smith is an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience.  She treats children in their homes and at schools and facilities Westchester County, Greenwich, and Stamford CT.  Ingrid has special training in Sensory Integration, motor function in infants and children, sensory and motor feeding, hand function, and organizational skills. ​She supervises occupational therapy students and leads specialized groups to help children with developmental skills. Using innovative methods, she is able to help children develop adaptive skills needed for playing and working independently.  Ingrid works in collaboration with teams of therapists, and values parents as vital members of the team.  In her spare time, Ingrid loves to develop and create sensory-based activities and learning aids for the children under her care. Outside her profession, Ingrid has applied her creativity in the design of several private and public spaces.





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