It’s NEVER Too Late To Make Progress


Welcome to Episode 152 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week, we welcome Larry Miller to the show. Larry has more than two decades of experience as a family physician and health coach.

This is a conversation of empowerment.

Despite the naysayers, the truth is there’s so much a parent can do to help their child – at any age.

The secret this week is …

It’s NEVER Too Late To Make Progress

You’ll Discover:

  • Larry’s Backstory Supporting His Son (3:16)
  • Why Conventional Medicine Has Few Answers (9:34)
  • Why The Type of Pediatrician Matters So Much (11:50)
  • The Importance of a Root Cause Focus (15:37)
  • The Chronic Condition That’s Likely Behind Many Autism Symptoms (17:48)
  • Why Epigenetics Matters More Than Genetics (24:03)
  • The Concern With Heavy Metals (27:49)
  • Why Food Really Is Medicine (34:16)
  • The Trap NOT To Fall Into (38:42)
  • The Odds Are In Your Favor For Improvement (45:28)
  • The Window Is NOT Closed (48:18)
  • The Benefits of Trusting Your Gut (56:57)

About Our Guest:

Larry Miller, D.O., CHC, has more than two decades of experience as a family physician and health coach.  Ever since Larry’s oldest son was diagnosed with autism, he has been resolute in his commitment and dedication to healing the symptoms of those diagnosed.  Aware of the increasing rates of autism, Larry recognizes the urgent need to educate and empower families with the necessary tools to heal their children. Larry has authored an eBook titled “Healing the Symptoms of Autism” and created a 12-week Autism Healing Program to empower, guide, and support children and their families on their journey to achieving health and wellness.

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